Policy Review

We Can Review The Package According To Your Selected Bundle. Customers Are Entitled To Ask For Free Reviews, And Without Further Fee, We Will Alter Their Designs Provided That The Conception And Design Stay Unchanged. The Time For Reviews Would Be 48 Hours.

Refund Policy:

If The Design Idea Is Accepted, Or If The Change Is Required Unless LogoWebTech Cancels Or Cancels Your Contract, Or If You Do Not Comply, Your Money Placed For A Project Is In No Way Reimbursed After Delivery. If the client approves any logo design concept from the shared concepts ( for logo design clients ) then there will be no refund at all as the client has approved the concept . If the client approves the Homepage design concept of the website from the shared concepts ( for website design clients ) then there will be no refund at all as the client has approved the concept .Moreover, the unresponsive clients after 14 days of their unresponsiveness will not be given a refund as we start working on the projects and share the deliverables within the first 24-48 hours .

The clients who are signed up for the Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) services can request a refund after 21 days if they are unhappy with their account manager. The clients who avail the discounted promotions that we run will not be given a refund as the company has already given the favor in form of a discounted price to the clients and their paid amount would already be spent in order to allocate the resources.


The Area Of My Account Is Easy To Communicate. You Are Solely Responsible For Examining The Account Area For Any Questions, Issues, Or Additional Instructions The Designer Requires. You Will Not Regularly Check Or Use The Account Area For An Acceptable Reimbursement. However, You Can Contact The Cus If You Are Not Sure How To Use The Area.


We Revamp The Arranged Plan And Continue Updating It Until You Are 100% Satisfied.


We Review And Revise The Ordered Design Till You Are 100% Fulfilled (Depending Upon Your Package).


Website Packages Are Available Free Of Charge For Domain And Hosting, When Appropriate


We Promise At LogoWebTech That All Logos Of Our Clients Are Developed From Scratch. This Allows You To Have A Logo Tailored To Your Needs. We Ensure Your Logo Is Distinctive And Impressive To Your Customers


After We Have Sent The Final Files, We Will Maintain A Record Of Your Design. We Can Transmit Them On Your Behalf If You Require The Final Files Again In The Future.


The Company Helps The Client Integrate 3rd Party Plugins And Apps. However, The STRICTLY Standard Is Any Third-Party Integration Needed To Support The Operation Of The Website. During The Development Of This Project, The Company Will Have Nothing To Do With Third-Party Transactions. A Separate Pricing Agreement Is Needed For Every Extra Work.


You Accept That LogoWebTech Cannot Be Held Accountable For Any Mail (E) Mail Than The Email Address (E.G. ‘..@Logowebtech.Com’ And/Or Toll-Free Numbers Not Included In Our Websites. No Liability For Damages Caused By Such Correspondence Shall Be Held For LogoWebTech. We Accept Responsibility For Any Communication Only With Our Own Domain Name Or/And Via A Free Toll Number, I.E., Already Listed On The LogoWebTech Website. We Do Not Accept Any Liability For The Communication


Please Ensure That The Following Conditions Are Met To Ensure Your Refund Application Is Approved: Claim Your Refund By Contacting Us Via One Of The Following Three Means, Detailing Your Concern: # +1 (321) 218 9066 Toll Free Chat Live Support@Logowebtech.Com Under Our Revision Policy, We Will Endeavor To Fix Your Concerns Quickly Or Send You A Request For Reimbursement From Our Refund Department By Email. After The Repayment, LogoWebTech Would Get Your Design Rights, And No Versions Of The Design Supplied By The Firm May Be Shown. Specify That As Well: As The Design Rights Are Now Passed To The Firm, You Accept That You Will Not Have A (Direct Or Indirect) Right To Utilize Any Reply Or Other Material, Product Or Media, Or Ownership Interest In Or In The Company. The Work Would Provide The Copyright Acquisition Information For The Reimbursed Concepts In Cooperation With The Government Copyright Agencies LogoWebTech, Limiting The Utilization Of Designs As Original Ideas In The Future. Please Contact Us By Clicking Support@Logowebtech.Com If You Have Any Questions Or Issues Regarding The Refund Policy


Any Design Order Files Are Sent To My Account According To The Date Indicated On The “Confirmation Of Order.” An Email Should Also Be Issued To Advise The Customer Of The Delivery Of The Design Order To Its Relevant Account Field. The Date And Time Of The Design Order Submitted To The Client’s Account Area Shall Be Subject To All Policies Concerning Revision And Reimbursement. All The Files For The Design Command Are Sent To ‘My Account’ As Indicated In The “Confirmation Of Order” Date. An Email Should Also Be Issued To Advise The Customer Of The Delivery Of The Design Order To Its Relevant Account Field. Subject To The Customer’s Date And Time Of The Design Order, All Policies Relating To Revision And Refund. Within 5 To 7 Days Of Receiving Your Purchase, We Deliver All Our Custom Design Orders. We Offer RUSH DELIVERY To Give You An Additional $100 For Sampling Your First Logo Within 48 Hours. Contact Us At The 24-Hour Customer Service Center For More Assistance.